Tips for surviving New Years Eve

There can be a lot of pressure to have a good time on New Year’s Eve. Everyone wants to have a fun and alcohol often plays a big role.  You are still able to drink alcohol if you have diabetes but there is a risk that your sugars will go out of control.  Some drinks such as alcopops are very high in alcohol and sugar and can send your levels high. However alcohol can also drop your blood glucose levels, and if you have a hypo due to alcohol your body’s ability to help you is severely reduced.  Below are some tips to help you survive your big night out.


If you are drinking – pace yourself

Aim to drink no more than one alcoholic drink an hour.  Our bodies absorb alcohol faster than our liver can metabolise it.  The more you drink, or the faster you drink, the higher the level of alcohol in your blood and the longer the alcohol will remain in your system.


Have something to eat before you drink

Having some food in your stomach will help delay the absorption of alcohol, thereby giving your liver more time to do its job.  It will also help prevent your blood glucose level dropping too low while you are out.


Alternate alcoholic drinks with water 

Alcohol is a diuretic so the more you drink the more you have to urinate.  You can reduce the risk of becoming dehydrated, and getting a hangover, by drinking one glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink.


Don’t inject insulin for alcohol

You might even need to take slightly less insulin than normal. You should discuss this with your diabetes team or feel free to contact us through PM.


Consider having a snack before you go to bed

Having a snack before you go to bed can help reduce your risk of an overnight hypo.   A cheese sandwich or a glass of milk and a piece of fruit are good post alcohol snacks.


Most importantly, remember to have a good time. 


Written by Jane Overland

Total Diabetes Care