Integrative Health Coaching

It is only day two of the New Year and I have already broken my New Year’s Resolution. Chances are I am not alone; only 8% of us are able to successfully stick with our pledge.

Integrative Health Coaching has been shown to significantly increase our chance of success. That’s why we are delighted that Fiona Capstick is a member of the Total Diabetes Care team. Fiona worked for many years as a Diabetes Nurse Consultant at the internationally acclaimed Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Diabetes Centre in Sydney before traveling to the United States and branching out into Integrative Health Coaching.  She underwent extensive training and certification at the Integrative Medicine Centre at Duke University.  Fiona is highly regarded by those who know and work with her. She has kindly provided us with this post talking about Integrative Health Coaching and whether it might be right for you.

When it comes to making impactful changes, many of us have tried in the past, but for a variety of reasons have not been able to sustain those changes beyond “an initial burst”. Lets face it, if bringing about long term change was easy then we would all be walking around at our ideal weight with a perfect blood pressure and no stress in our lives!

An Integrative Health Coach works as your partner to help you plan and make positive changes to your health. We help you think about what is important across all aspects of your life, including your health. We work together using a practiced process to help you to develop a personal health plan and to set realistic goals based on what is important to you. Working one-on-one, usually over a three month period, you receive support, develop practical strategies and get the resources you need to work towards make long lasting change.

People partner with Integrative Health Coaches for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you feel stuck or overwhelmed and you are now ready to try new approaches to making lifestyle changes. You might feel that now is the time to take charge, make a plan and get the support you need to live a fuller and healthier life. Perhaps something new or exciting is on the horizon, such as the beginning of a relationship, a new job, or you are planning to get pregnant and you want to take some time, in a structured and supported way to look at all aspects of you health and be better prepared for the next phase. You may have just been told you have diabetes or you are beginning a new phase in your treatment, such as starting a new medication, and you decide to take some time to look at your diabetes and how it fits with the rest of your life.  Integrative Health Coaching could be right for you for these and many other reasons.

Written by Jane Overland

Total Diabetes Care